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Partager PH was founded last October of 2020. It's name coming from a French origin which when translated in English means: "TO SHARE". Dedicated to create a more refined snacking experience that our patrons can share with their most loved-ones, Our team has designed and created handcrafted artisan chocolates in the heart of the Metro, Makati City. 

We are  AN ALL GIRL CREW with different backgrounds of origin but ultimately has one aim: To find balance in creating products that are not only incredibly tasty, but also looks luxurious without our customers having to feel like they're breaking the bank.

Our products are both comfort and style combined at the same time. All of which are handmade in small special batches. Each ingredient, tested before it's commercial  release to ensure of its highest quality to achieve the ultimate snacking experience. Our team draw upon the finest cacao and specialty providers from around the world to handcraft each perfection. From personalized  product to packaging, We update the notion of fine chocolate to reimagine the world's most important food group.  

Now making our own confections that honor past traditions and establish new ones, We are delighted and ecstatic to serve current and future generations.